Worst job ever...Don't be Margaret Howe

May 02 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

"When you want to do research in an exotic location, you sign up to live in a house with a dolphin...when you live in a house with a dolphin you try to set up a system of communication with it...when you communicate with a dolphin you find out it wants to bone you..when the dolphin wants to bone you, you give it hand jobs and trip acid with it..."

Don't give dolphin hand jobs!  Get rid of dolphins and switch to a normal job.



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  • Also, dropping acid with a horny dolphin in two feet of water doesn't really sound like a solution to the hand job problem...

  • Darwin says:

    "Man and Dolphin" is kind of a misleading title....it sounded more like the other way around

  • Imagine putting that stuff on your cv. Crazy.

  • Bashir says:

    Pretty sure there are peole who have to... ummm collect certain things from male animals. I asked one researcher once how she did it. The old fasioned way. Yikes.

  • Jim Thomerson says:

    In Venezuela, a fisherman told me that when they caught a female freshwater dolphin, they would have intercourse with her before returning her to the water.

    In Colombia, I heard the story that male freshwater dolphins come out on land in the form of irresistible men. If an Indian woman becomes inconveniently pregnant, she will tell how she encountered one of these dolphin men down by the river. So of course she cannot be blamed. When the child is born, she takes it down to the river and returns it to its father.

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