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May 09 2012 Published by under Evil

Sequencher is to ease of use as an anal fissure is to comforting.

nothing else.

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    • I've seen that but we use MacVector as our biosoftware suite but sequencher is useful in doing large sequence alignments when I'm verifying mutation analysis of large plasmids. Its just a pain in the ass that the thing is buggy and temperamental and made even more so since we run it via a server license.

  • Heavy says:

    I don't know of a better program for nucleotides alignments. I've tried many others but always come back. Yes, there are a few really annoying aspects like not being able to deal with multi-FASTAs, buggy export functions, not having a quick way to directly access GenBank, and a clunky next-gen interface but I can put up with those issues.

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