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To OA or not to OA, that is the question.

Aug 29 2012 Published by under Publishing

I know how much vitriol is tossed out about review articles but I'm writing one, so save the complaining for that topic for later.  My dilemma comes down to where do I publish this thing.  My thought is to put this thing in a field specific journal that many people in my field already read, that way I think there it will have maximum visibility to the readership of my field.  But the issue is that the journal is an Elsevier one and thus my article will be locked behind a paywall and thus limit those outside of my immediate field from reading it.

The other publication option that I have given thought to is putting the review in an open access journal so that its visible for all.  The only problem is there are a lot of dogass OA journals out there that no one reads and there is not one that is specific to my field of interest.  So while anyone could read the article my target audience may miss it, because the review is popping up outside of what they normally read.

So dear reader, what are your suggestions.


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Fantasy Football Challenge Is Back!!!!

Aug 21 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

That's right in case you forgot its time to get ready for fantasy football, trash talking, and mean-spirited color commentary.  And if you didn't know, well now you know.  For all the regulars you'll be getting an email and for anyone else that wants to play this year leave me a comment, shoot me an email, whatever just let me know.

We play a pick'em league where you pick the team to cover the spread for the game, no individual players so its pretty easy and mindless.  Unless you are Arlenna and forget to make your picks every week.

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So sad but yet so awesome

Aug 16 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

h/t:  Reddit

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Timing...Looking for a postdoc

Aug 08 2012 Published by under Grad School, Postdoc

How close to the end of your graduate career should you be looking for a postdoc and when have most folks usually secured a position by.  A year before graduation, a month before?

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Don't Make Me Call Dad!

Aug 08 2012 Published by under IT, Lab, PI

Normally I leave my PI out of the mundane bullshit issues that arise in our lab and need to be handled by our support staff who do anything but support us.  But lets face it the support staff, our IT department, in this case could give a damn about an issue brought to them by a lowly graduate student.  I mean they aren't even employees!  Why should they waste time on pissants like me?

Luckily after years of indoctrination into the system I know one thing when problems arise.  Don't bitch about them to coworkers, you bitch and complain your way up the ladder until you get some results.  And that's what I did, I went to the lab manager, departmental staff, etc.  And I got a lame answer blowing me off for an undetermined period of time.  And another thing, is when getting no response, go to the offending party in person and remind them you exist.  And keep going to them, if you annoy them enough, they may actually help you out.  In this case they didn't and that's when I time to call in el jefe.

My boss is a calm gentle man but when you are affecting his lab, he turns into Terry Tate--Office Linebacker.  When I stick him on you, he is going to be on you like a rabid dog.  You could have just helped me out but you didn't and so I had to call in the big guy.  The boss definitely implores us not to waste his time but when you have navigated the proper channels he will do everything in his power as fast as possible to get results.  I love working for my boss.

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Social Activism and Sweet Tea

Aug 02 2012 Published by under Evil, Sweet Tea

Ok so here is my take of Chick Fil A.  Dan Cathy is allowed to spout off at the mouth about what he believes just like any of us.  He has the right to steer his dollars to whatever organization he wants.  But he does not have a right to my business.

When you start donating money to campaigns that are against my friends, then its over with.  You aren't getting my business any longer.  And this is painful to me because I like many other southerners am a fan of sweet tea.  And CFA had great sweet tea, especially since the only other sweet tea around where I live would make your damn left foot off from diabetes.  But I am a principled man and thus am now boycotting you.

So its going to suck not having their sweet tea but I stand up for my friends and against douchebags.  As Odyssey said, those of us that say nothing quietly condone what is happening and I'll be damn if I condone one bit of it.

Now if you'll excuse me I must go find another suitable purveyor of my beverage of choice.

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