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I need a Cure for a song stuck in my head...

Sep 28 2012 Published by under Music

The Cure came on the radio this morning and I can't get this song out of my head.  Damn you.  Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend.



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Desert Island reading...

Sep 27 2012 Published by under Publishing

Dear readership (all three of you), if you were stuck on a desert island but could receive a monthly subscription from any scientific journal, which would it be?

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Fantasy Football Week 3

Sep 25 2012 Published by under Football

He's mad at the NFL like they used to date and now they don't call him anymore, but PLS is this week's champ.  Congrats.  Coming in hot on his heels is Chall (nice pick on the Vikings) and SugarScientist.  Right behind those two characters is Alyssa, our quiet contender who is putting together a solid season.  Following behind Alyssa is GertyZ and then Le Physiologiste, myself, and Bashir.  The bottom three all showed up with only five points and they consist of Tideliar (Wanker), Odyssey (Plonker), and Dr. Zeek (I ran out of British insults).  You three combined to create the holy trifecta of bad picks this week.  Tighten up your game!

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American Society for Cell Biology Meeting

Sep 19 2012 Published by under Meetings

I'll be there in San Francisco in December.  Leave me suggestions of fun things to do or drop me an email if you want to hang out and I'll show you my secret Scientopian decoder ring.  Its purty sweet!

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Fantasy Football Week 2

Sep 18 2012 Published by under Football

All hail Odyssey and his sore losers, they came in with 12 points this week.  If you're betting with the Od-man, you're making money.  Right on his heels was Dr. Zeek with 11 points, the newbie is putting pressure on the greybeard.  After turning a stunning performance last week Bashir drops to  9 points along with GertyZ stealing tie breaker from him.  At 8 points we have PLS, Shridhar and Tideliar, followed by Le Physiologiste and SugarScientist with 7 points.  Chall  took a step back this week with 6 points, but she is like a tiger lying in wait to pounce on a contender.  Also waiting to make her run to glory is Alyssa with 5 points.  My team however is stunk about as bad as a dead toad lying in the road for a few weeks thanks to me forgetting to make some of my picks.  Woe, is me.

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Advice for rotating graduate students

Sep 14 2012 Published by under Grad School

This is a follow up to Sci's advice for undergrads.  I know some schools don't do rotations but mine does.  So here are a few pearls of wisdom for you noobs.

1.  Study for classes.  If you fail out you are worthless to the labs, plus you undergo extra scrutiny when you  have a less than stellar academic record.  Your committee will catch a whiff of the intellectual lightweight stank and pounce on you like a fucking lion on a zebra.  You don't need great grades, just good ones.  Also don't burn up too much time studying that you could be spending in the lab.  I've watch many a rotation student study themselves out of a lab because they spent all the working hours of the week studying and not in the lab.  You've got plenty of time at night and on the weekends to study.

2.  Be on time.  Remember that the senior graduate students and postdocs who you may be shadowing and working with don't view you as a future trusted colleague.  The hard fact is that you are likely ill-prepared and not educated enough to immediate contribute to what they are doing and you were heaped on them by a PI.  So be on time and do what they say to do when they say it and if they give you homework, you damn well better do it.  Sure somebody trained them, but they are training you, be appreciative of it too.

3.  "We used to do it this way"  This is for those of you with a little bit of experience.  No one cares how you did it wherever you came from.  This is how we do it here.  STFU, you haven't earned the right to an opinion!  You will soon, but don't go telling us how you did it and how we should too.

4.  Technicians are like gold.  Treat them as such, they will bend over backward to help you if you show them respect.  And lets face it most of them have been doing science longer than you and at a higher level than you ever have.  Remember we are the transients that come and go, they are there to stay.  Also remember that technicians, especially the lab manager, tends to be the eyes and ears of the lab for the PI.  While you are in the lab, you have a well oiled covert spy system watching you, act accordingly.

5.  The PI's time is worth more than gold.  Don't bother them with trivial shit.  They are also not really there to be your friend, drinking buddy, or shoulder to cry on for personal problems.  PI's are happy to see you when you are generating data or need some help on the project, so if you want face time you've got to come with the data.

6.  It's all a game!  Learn to play the game and you will get to the finish line faster.  This means doing things that placate your PI, learning who to go to for what you need, who to go to in order to get out of doing stuff.  Also a big part of graduate school is learning how to say no to certain things that are of no benefit to you and your project and prioritizing what you are going to do.

7.  Have fun.  Its hard and its a lot of work, but its also a lot of fun.  In all of my random jobs I have never worked with a more diverse and interesting group of people.

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Fantasy Football Week 1

Sep 11 2012 Published by under Football

Well looky looky, we've got us a new winner as Bashir's Ten Forward tore it up this week.  Way to go buddy!  Naturally, my team System of a First Down, showed strong, but another new whippersnapper Dr. Zeek is hot on my heels.  Odyssey, GertyZ, and Chall  came out of the gate strong so you have to appreciate that.

Now here is where we start to step into the steaming pile of crappy picks that didn't make it to .500.  SugarScientist almost made it out of this shameful lot but there is no way in hell Alyssa and Tideliar should be here.  Shridhar gets a pass for the 6-10 because the stank of the Fantasy Football FNG has yet to wear off yet.  Shame on PLS for his pick and unfortunately Le Physiologiste came in last, but will suffer no abuse this week since its the first week.

Well done.  If anyone still wants to join its not too late yet.

1 Ten Forward 11 11-5
2 System of a First Down 10 10-6
3 Dr_Zeek 10 10-6
4 Odyssey's Sure Losers 9 9-7
5 Zertners 8 8-8
6 chall's dreams 8 8-8
7 SugarScientist's Tumornators 7 7-9
8 Not Yo Mama's Picks 6 6-10
9 Tideliar's Steely Glare 6 6-10
10 MeskoIsMyEmperor 6 6-10
11 PLS pass the trophy 5 5-11
12 1st and goal 4 4-1

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The worst thing about writing...

Sep 10 2012 Published by under Publishing

is having to sit down and objectively read what you wrote and realize that its crap.  Time to make it better.  Ah the pleasures of editing.

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Last Call for Football...

Sep 04 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Let me know if you want to play fantasy football with us in our annual Scienceblogger league.  NFL games kick off tomorrow night.


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