Fantasy Football Week 1

Sep 11 2012 Published by under Football

Well looky looky, we've got us a new winner as Bashir's Ten Forward tore it up this week.  Way to go buddy!  Naturally, my team System of a First Down, showed strong, but another new whippersnapper Dr. Zeek is hot on my heels.  Odyssey, GertyZ, and Chall  came out of the gate strong so you have to appreciate that.

Now here is where we start to step into the steaming pile of crappy picks that didn't make it to .500.  SugarScientist almost made it out of this shameful lot but there is no way in hell Alyssa and Tideliar should be here.  Shridhar gets a pass for the 6-10 because the stank of the Fantasy Football FNG has yet to wear off yet.  Shame on PLS for his pick and unfortunately Le Physiologiste came in last, but will suffer no abuse this week since its the first week.

Well done.  If anyone still wants to join its not too late yet.

1 Ten Forward 11 11-5
2 System of a First Down 10 10-6
3 Dr_Zeek 10 10-6
4 Odyssey's Sure Losers 9 9-7
5 Zertners 8 8-8
6 chall's dreams 8 8-8
7 SugarScientist's Tumornators 7 7-9
8 Not Yo Mama's Picks 6 6-10
9 Tideliar's Steely Glare 6 6-10
10 MeskoIsMyEmperor 6 6-10
11 PLS pass the trophy 5 5-11
12 1st and goal 4 4-1

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