Fantasy Football Week 2

Sep 18 2012 Published by under Football

All hail Odyssey and his sore losers, they came in with 12 points this week.  If you're betting with the Od-man, you're making money.  Right on his heels was Dr. Zeek with 11 points, the newbie is putting pressure on the greybeard.  After turning a stunning performance last week Bashir drops to  9 points along with GertyZ stealing tie breaker from him.  At 8 points we have PLS, Shridhar and Tideliar, followed by Le Physiologiste and SugarScientist with 7 points.  Chall  took a step back this week with 6 points, but she is like a tiger lying in wait to pounce on a contender.  Also waiting to make her run to glory is Alyssa with 5 points.  My team however is stunk about as bad as a dead toad lying in the road for a few weeks thanks to me forgetting to make some of my picks.  Woe, is me.

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