American Society for Cell Biology Meeting

Sep 19 2012 Published by under Meetings

I'll be there in San Francisco in December.  Leave me suggestions of fun things to do or drop me an email if you want to hang out and I'll show you my secret Scientopian decoder ring.  Its purty sweet!

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  • chall says:

    Go to the Academy of Sciences. Great place and the roof is awesome (lots of native flowers and green stuff from California).

    And great sushi!!! Aww, now I'm envious... I want to go to SF too 🙂

  • JaySeeDub says:

    Beer at Zeitgeist - ignore the hipsters, just drink the damn beers. Cocktails at Comstock, Bourbon & Branch and Bullitt - ignore the hipsters, just drink. Shot of Fernet at Bullitt - try not to yak on the bar. La Cicciolina at Boccalone - probably the best sandwich made from pig face.

    Academy of Science in SF is always fun. Also don't miss the exhibits at the De Young or MOMA. That weekend, depending on weather, I may also be roasting a pig in Noe Valley or near UCSF. Come on by. Just look for the crowd of people wearing Cal, Stanford, Davis, USF and Sac State sweatshirts.

    Weather tends to be mild. It may rain, most likely not. Bring a jacket. But don't complain if it's 70F out. So bring some shorts just in case.

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