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Genomic Repairman's Workout Tips of the Day

Oct 25 2012 Published by under Evil

1.  Don't get fat.

2.  Never do bootcamp with a guy that does Ironman triathlons.

3.  Hedge your bets by praying to all known and absent deities to not throw up.

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Fantasy Football Week 7

Oct 24 2012 Published by under Football

PLS was killing it this week as he takes the top spot with 9 points, behind him with their daggers out are Le Physiologiste and Chall with 8 points.  At 7 points the gridlock is made up of GertyZ, Bashir, SugarScientist, and Alyssa.  Trailing them with 6 points is myself and Odyssey.  And unfortunately bringing up the rear with 5 points is Dr. Zeek.

Dr. Zeek picks smelled about as great as Genomic RepairDog's steamy turd this morning.

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NFL Fantasy Football Week 6

Oct 17 2012 Published by under Football

Sorry for being a day late, work has been a little hectic this week.  But guess what my team, System of a First Down, came out on top this week.  So fucking huzzah.  Trailing right behind me were Bashir (You've been taking tips from Reginald haven't you?) and Dr. Zeek (strong showing for the newbie).  Right after them is GertyZ and Odyssey.  And on this train ride of fantasy football the following bums are parked comfortably in their seats back in the caboose of suckitude:  Alyssa, Chall, PLS, SugarScientist, LePhysiologiste, and Tideliar.

Although none of us deserved a pat on the back, we all had some crap picks last week, lets do better this week folks.

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Its Donor's Choose Time Again....Do It For The Kids

Oct 15 2012 Published by under DonorsChoose

So lets face it, we all know that funding for science is pretty tight right now.  What may be even tighter are school budgets for science education, especially for schools in impoverished areas of the US.  If you can chip in and throw some coin at them to help out it would be greatly appreciated.  Take a look at the projects that I have chosen on my Donors Choose page or the pages of the other Scientopians and give if you feel compelled.  You can also click on the Donors Choose widget on the right side of our pages to see our projects too.

Please give if you can, I understand if you can't.  Lets try to do something nice for these kids and help make them more science literate at the same time.

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A Saturday Afternoon Jammy Jam...Get Off This

Oct 13 2012 Published by under Music

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Thesis diving, more valuable than dumpster diving...

Oct 12 2012 Published by under Grad School, Publishing

Recently I have found immense value on reading theses from past students in other labs and institutions, who have worked on a research topic that is similar to my own.  While it can be a pain in the ass to get their doctoral thesis if they are not on ProQuest, they are usually quite informative.  As I have seen their thesis's are much more detailed about their methods and experimental analysis compared to their publications.  Also some of these theses contain a wealth of unpublished data that can support your own preliminary data or start to give you an idea if you are pumping money down a dry hole.

How often do you folks read theses that aren't from your own labs or students on your committees?

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Suggested reading...Neuroscience

Oct 09 2012 Published by under Publishing

While I'm loathe to do so, I'm trying to brush up on Neuroscience.  Is there a good entry-level text book that anyone could recommend?

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Fantasy Football Week 5

Oct 09 2012 Published by under Football

I don't know if he's still all hyped up on multiple lines of Ovaltine but if you were picking with PLS this week, you're making serious money.  Stuck behind him are Odyssey (comfortably padding his fantasy football 401k with some solid wins),  myself, and Alyssa (she's making a comeback).

Sitting right behind us is the armed angry mob of:  Le Physiologiste (carrying a trident), GertyZ (holding a grenade with no pin), Dr. Zeek (holding a 2x4 that she pried from the dead hands of Hacksaw Jim Duggan), and Bashir (who just hit himself in the nuts with his nunchucks).

And trailing them is SugarScientist, who has a shiv conveniently hidden in her mixing bowl of asskicking and Chall, who came in last this week.  What's Chall holding you ask?  Some bad picks.  How the mighty have fallen.  Next week will be redemption.

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Fantasy Football Week 4

Oct 02 2012 Published by under Football

Like the dirty meth-addicted junkie, PLS could only put down the fantasy football pipe for so long and then he fell off the wagon into the top spot this week.  He waded into the scrum that was the 8-way tie for first place and came out on top of:  Chall, GertyZ, Alyssa, Odyssey, Genomic Repairman, SugarScientist, and Tideliar.  Shoving their hand into the orgy of the first place tie was Le Physiologiste, and on the outside looking in were Dr. Zeek and Bashir.

This was a crazy week, only 3 points separated first place from last place.

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Dumbest Thing I Ever Did....

Oct 01 2012 Published by under Evil

So the other day I was explaining to the person to which I am related to by marriage that we used to have sun staring contests when I was kid, I think it took her more than 15 minutes to stop laughing at me.  I gave her the look of "what, you haven't done that before?"  Of course not, she wasn't an idiot.

So dear reader whats the dumbest thing you've ever done?

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