Dumbest Thing I Ever Did....

Oct 01 2012 Published by under Evil

So the other day I was explaining to the person to which I am related to by marriage that we used to have sun staring contests when I was kid, I think it took her more than 15 minutes to stop laughing at me.  I gave her the look of "what, you haven't done that before?"  Of course not, she wasn't an idiot.

So dear reader whats the dumbest thing you've ever done?

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  • chall says:

    haha, I don't think I know btw the dumbest thing and the 9 other dumb things on the list. One thing that comes to mind was to light a "cracker" inside my parents condo.... and then getting scared and opening the door to the stairway and then not having time to let go when it blew up (yes, holding it btw my fingers). Lucky for me it was a mini-one, i.e. only blisters and swollen fingers and a HUGE KABLAM in the stairwells. Still had to explain it to angry neighbors....

    Sometimes I marvel that I have all body parts left after being an owner of a chemistry set since age of 6. Small wonders 😉

  • ditto says:

    Yeah. I was told not to stare at the sun because it would hurt my eyes. Never thought to do it until then. So, I obviouly did it. The tidbit they leave out is that you won't feel it destroying your eyes because you have no pain receptors on your retina.

  • Barbed Wire says:

    Got married 8 days after meeting the guy. Dumbest. Move. Ever.

    Fortunately, it worked out, and we're still together many years later. In fact, we're actually quite happy together, and I foresee us staying together forever.

    It was still a very dumb thing to do; the fact that we're happily married doesn't change the fact that marrying a dude a few days after your first date is pretty much the most asinine thing you can do.

  • theshortearedowl says:

    Have you not seen the movie Pi?

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