Fantasy Football Week 5

Oct 09 2012 Published by under Football

I don't know if he's still all hyped up on multiple lines of Ovaltine but if you were picking with PLS this week, you're making serious money.  Stuck behind him are Odyssey (comfortably padding his fantasy football 401k with some solid wins),  myself, and Alyssa (she's making a comeback).

Sitting right behind us is the armed angry mob of:  Le Physiologiste (carrying a trident), GertyZ (holding a grenade with no pin), Dr. Zeek (holding a 2x4 that she pried from the dead hands of Hacksaw Jim Duggan), and Bashir (who just hit himself in the nuts with his nunchucks).

And trailing them is SugarScientist, who has a shiv conveniently hidden in her mixing bowl of asskicking and Chall, who came in last this week.  What's Chall holding you ask?  Some bad picks.  How the mighty have fallen.  Next week will be redemption.

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