NFL Fantasy Football Week 6

Oct 17 2012 Published by under Football

Sorry for being a day late, work has been a little hectic this week.  But guess what my team, System of a First Down, came out on top this week.  So fucking huzzah.  Trailing right behind me were Bashir (You've been taking tips from Reginald haven't you?) and Dr. Zeek (strong showing for the newbie).  Right after them is GertyZ and Odyssey.  And on this train ride of fantasy football the following bums are parked comfortably in their seats back in the caboose of suckitude:  Alyssa, Chall, PLS, SugarScientist, LePhysiologiste, and Tideliar.

Although none of us deserved a pat on the back, we all had some crap picks last week, lets do better this week folks.

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  • Alyssa says:

    Yeah, being the top of a losing pack doesn't really have cache, does it?

  • chall says:

    haha, I told my co-worker that I had 3 picks right this week. His response: so how many games did you try and pick? ....yeah... very funny. He was laughing so hard.

    On top of that, the Sunday Vikings' game was BRUTAL to see. Esp. when realising the Packers apparently haven't packed in 🙁 the division is looking tough again. I had such hopes this year... again crushed....

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