My adventures in proofing

Nov 29 2012 Published by under Publishing

While writing this manuscript we somehow ending up duplicating several citations in the reference section, probably due to merging multiple EndNote libraries.  This has caused me quite a bit of consternation as we didn't catch this well into the proofing process and now I'm having to go back and renumber virtually every citation and ensure that each one matches the appropriate reference.

Moral of the story:  Don't fuck up.

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  • me says:

    or use the open-source alternative, Zotero, where your reference library can be shared via the interwebs and it's miraculous clouds!!.....

    • Very true! Sadly we all use EndNote because its what our scientific forefathers used. I've been bucking the trend and secretly use Papers which I much prefer, but alas its not available to PC users.

  • Heavy says:

    I use Papers (for keeping pdfs in order) and EndNote (for citations). Tell me about your jump to Papers for bibliographies.

  • drugmonkey says:

    always, always, use "find duplicate references" right after you merge EndNote libraries. (and you are using the screen to block importing duplicates in the first place, right?)

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