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Welcome Rim...

Feb 19 2013 Published by under Blogging

So we have a new guest blogger starting at Scientopia this week again, so when they toss their first post up go say hey to Harry and Rim from Neurobites.  You can also track back to their blog to see their coverage of SfN2012.

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International Darwin Day...

Feb 12 2013 Published by under Uncategorized



DarwinIf you're not down with Darwin, you're not down with me.

Happy birthday Chuck!



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Advertising Scientopia...

Feb 11 2013 Published by under Blogging

Lets face it kids, this place don't run on wishes and kisses to quote Kevin Smith.  We need dollars to pay the proverbial power (server) bill.  And to do that, we needed to bring in some advertising.  I reached out to the good kindly folks at Cedarlane because they are a smaller life science company and lets face it, if we don't support folks like them, we will be stuck buying from the big two.  I've used their products in the past and found them to be fantastic.

So if you get a chance, show a little support to the folks that are supporting us.  Click on the link and take a look at their products and if you feel so inclined order something.  I'm sure Kyle and the rest of Cedarlane would appreciate your patronage.

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Fantasy Football: The End of the Road

Feb 04 2013 Published by under Football

So its time to announce the regular season and playoff winners for the Fantasy Football Challenge.

Regular Season:
1.  Bashir (has dethroned PLS for the first time!)
2.  Odyssey
3.  Chall

1.  Odyssey
2.  Chall (just lost the tie breaker)
3.  Bashir

Congrats to everyone.  It was fun.  And as we end on this lets have a little music that fits the mood.

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