Douche of the millinnium: McDonald's

Jul 16 2013 Published by under Cheap Motherfuckers, Evil, Food

So I'm going to just throw away the idea that McDonald's would ever be a sponsor.  In fact I'm going to go one step further like the guy who is an ass to the pretty girl.  We don't even want them to sponsor us.  That said, McDonald's, your ad money will always be good with me.

But enough about that, what has Reddit afire today is that McDonald's worked with Visa to create a website that shows their employees how to make a budget and handle their finances.  Sadly their budget on how to get by includes having a second job, spending no more than $20 a month for healthcare and no money on heating (guess all their locations must be in tropical climates?).

Anyways take a look at this news article to read more about this and take a look at this impossible financial analysis if one is a minimum wage worker.  It infuriates me to know end, but I guess this is what happens when you let free market economics run amuck.

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  • chall says:

    "self regulated market" ..... yeah... sure....

    thanks for the link.

    • No problem chall. Why pay your employees when you can let the federal government do it if you underpay them.

      • fusilier says:

        ...and arrange work-schedules to keep from having to pay benefits out of your gross income.

        James 2:24

      • drugmonkey says:

        This is what kills me about companies that get by on a lot of minimum wage employees. Like Wal*Mart. They enjoy a massive subsidy of their business via the Earned Income Credit and various programs that support the working poor.

        Where are the *other* companies that depend less on minimum wage? They should be lobbying their socks off to raise the minimum wage so that these other companies aren't taking advantage of them!

        • Genomic Repairman says:

          Ding ding ding ding. You've hit the nail on the head. I sometimes wonder if Target, CVS, Wallgreens, etc shouldn't push for a higher minimum wage just to stick it to Wally World and strike a blow to their profit margins. I even read where WalMart will back out of putting in new stores in DC if they enact a livability wage.

  • AmasianV says:

    Whenever I see the words "Other Income," I think of my moms cutting coupons and sending in rebates.

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