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Run Fatboy Run

Aug 30 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

I've renewed my commitment to get back into shape and am trying to run everyday, if even just for a mile or mile and a half when I can.  After not running for a while, I cannot believe how weak my legs and lungs for that matter are.  The legs situation is sorting itself out, the lungs may require some clinical intervention as I have exercise-induced asthma.  But overall I'm feeling better and it is helping to curb the anxiety from all the stress I have at work.

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Trading Spaces

Aug 27 2013 Published by under Lab, PI

I swear to spaghetti monster that we almost shit bricks and started sounded cold war era air raid sirens when a scary proposition was brought up.  Is it the declining NIH budget, are we moving, are there layoffs.  No dear reader, no.

Our PI wants to jump back into the lab and work on a side project.  While I'm sure it's a romantic notion that harkens back to his days as a graduate student, it terrifies the shit out of us.  Let me start off by saying, he is a great boss that is brilliant and very supporting of his trainees.  But as a bench scientist, he is utterly unfamiliar with our lab and where stuff is at, is not accustomed to how long or how much work it takes to get stuff done.  But worst of all, you move like a glacier compared to us.

We move at a pace that would make meth heads think they saw the Flash, thus we don't need you in our way staring at the freezer trying to figure out where something is at when we need to grab that enzyme now!  I think the honeymoon for him after proclaiming that he would make all his own buffers from scratch, he is now pinching from our stocks.  So I'm assuming this will not last long.

Its fun to watch though.

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Social Media Crackdown

Aug 07 2013 Published by under Social Media

Just wondering what your employers social media policy is.  We get regular notices reminding us of ours and how even our personal comments must not run afoul of our goals and values.

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What's Good -- August 4th -- Know your substrains

Aug 04 2013 Published by under Publishing

As someone who works with animal models, it is important to know your mouse strains and substrains and to make sure you are using them appropriately.  I've seen experiments ruined when you get substrain contamination that convolutes the genetics that you are studying.  A more devastating mistake is using a mouse on a mixed background when you thought it was pure or you get contamination from a completely different strain of mice.  Often, I have seen people accidentally breed in C57BL/6N into their C57BL/6J lines and vice versa.  The following paper in Genome Biology delves deeper into the differences between the two substrains.  Enjoy.

Shoot me a recommendation if you have found something fun or interesting to read.

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