The Rundown: Week 1

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Its time to run down fantasy football week one.  The big winner this week is Odyssey, well done sir and a strong showing by Chall, best start that you ever had I believe.  PLS is proof of how the mighty have fallen.  And a strong showing by the newbies, Lisa, Stephen, Todd, and PinkGirl are off to a great start.

1.  Odyssey's Odyssey

2.  Chall's Dreams

3.  Parker's Picks by Lisa

4.  Stevie "Don't Call Me Wonder" Walker's Show Me Your TDs

5.  Todd's Kaepernickpicks

6.  PinkGirl

7.  Bashir's KillaTCells

8.  PLS's Prognostications

9.  SugarScientist's Tumornators

10. Genomic Repairman's Keuch'n A$$

11.  Alyssa's G-Dawg's Picks

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