The Rundown: Week 3

Sep 23 2013 Published by under Football

Like a noble phoenix arising from the ashes I have ascended from last place into the top spot this week, thanks to some Byzantine system of tie breakers I'm on top.  Well played everybody, we'll see you next week.

1.  Genomic Repairman's Keuch'n A$$

2.  Parker's Picks by Lisa (first place overall)

3.  Odyssey's Odyssey (In the hunt)

4.  Randy The Professor

5.  PinkGirl

6.  Stevie "Don't Call Me Wonder" Walker's Show Me Your TDs

7.  SugarScientist's Tumornators

8.  PLS's Prognostications (Get your shit together or you won't win this year)

9.  Chall's Dreams

10.  Bashir's KillaTCells (T cell is still falling man)

11. Alyssa's G-Dawgs picks

12.  Todd's Kaepernickpicks

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