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Fanconi Anemia Research Fund Symposium Wrap up

Oct 28 2013 Published by under Meetings

It was a great weekend of science in Houston, the FARF does a great job of bringing together basic science researchers, clinicians, FA families, and advocates.  There was a lot of great talks containing a lot of unpublished data that I will not go into but much discussion was generated.  One of the best parts of the meeting was the initial symposium entitled Fanconi Anemia 101, where Alan D'Andrea and Blanche Alter gave a lecture on the history of the field, the basic molecular biology and clinical aspects of the disease, as well as pressing questions in the field of Fanconi Anemia research.

All around great people and an awesome meeting.

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The Rundown: Week 7

Oct 28 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

A little late but suck it everyone I was gloating over my victory.

1.  Genomic Repairman's Keuch'n A$$

2.  SugarScientist's Tumornators

3.  Bashir's KillaTCells

4.  Odyssey

5.  Todd's Kaepernickpicks

6.  Randy The Professor

7.  Chall's Dreams

8.  Parker's Picks by Lisa

9.  PLS's Prognostications

10.  Alyssa's G-Dawgs

11.  Stevie "Don't Call Me Wonder" Walker's Show Me Your TDs

13.  PinkGirl

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New Funding Mechanism

Oct 22 2013 Published by under Lab, NIH, NIH Budget

I know with the whole government shutdown and the tight paylines many labs are strapped for cash right now.  So I'm announcing a new funding mechanism R01for$1, whereby you tell me what you are studying in one word, and if I like it I send you a dollar. Note that bacon will always elicit a favorable and profitable response. Proposals will be accepted on the standard NIH format or scrawled on to Taco Bell wrapper is also fine with me. There is no grant cycles, just forward me your proposals (read wrappers).

The center for scientific review is composed of myself, my skeevy 53 year old neighbor Dave who has an interlock device on his Ford Taurus, and Earl, my other neighbor who loves pot and the Doobie Brothers (who coincidentally none of the member are brothers).  Earl isn't always available because sometimes he is tripping on mushrooms, but I should be able to find someone else.

I'll be looking forward to your proposals.

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Attention Houstonians

Oct 21 2013 Published by under Meetings

I'll be in your city, Thursday through Sunday for the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund's Annual Symposium, if you'll be around and want to get a beer or a muffin or a beer, shoot me a message.

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Oct 21 2013 Published by under Lab

A funny thing happened this weekend, my institution's webcontent filtering software blocked us from going to the Bio-Rad website.  Don't know what happened, maybe they wanted us to not use sucky products.  I kid, but not really.

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The Rundown: Week 6

Oct 18 2013 Published by under Football

Way to go PinkGirl.

1.   PinkGirl

2. Randy The Professor (Big jump this week)

3.  Todd's Kaepernickpicks

4.  Stevie "Don't Call Me Wonder" Walker's Show Me Your TDs (up 6 spots)

5.  PLS's Prognostications (Watching Reservoir Dog's has caused you to be "Stuck In The Middle")

6.  Chall's Dreams (Making Progress)

7. SugarScientist's Tumornators

8.  Odyssey (The amplitude of your weekly performance is huge buddy)

9.  Bashir's KillaTCells (T cell count stabilized.)

10.  Parker's Picks by Lisa

11.  Alyssa's G-Dawgs

12.  Genomic Repairman's Keuch'n A$$ (Fucking Cam Newton)

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The Rundown: Week 5

Oct 10 2013 Published by under Football

We crown a new champion this week, congrats Todd.

1.  Todd's Kaepernickpicks

2.  PinkGirl  (Nice rebound)

3.  Odyssey (Occupy 3rd Place!)

4.  Genomic Repairman's Keuch'n A$$ (Meh)

5.  Parker's Picks by Lisa (Up one spot)

7. Bashir's KillaTCells (T Cell count is rising but not by much.  Go get your picks looked at).

8. Randy The Professor (Slowly but surely moving up the standings)

9.  PLS's Prognostications (Did the government shutdown affect your picks?)

10.  Stevie "Don't Call Me Wonder" Walker's Show Me Your TDs (Finally made some picks this week)

11.  Alyssa's G-Dawgs picks (stunk)

12. Chall's Dreams (Narrowly avoided a first to worst transition)

13. SugarScientist's Tumornators  (I like Nine Inch Nails too, but no need to use the Downward Spiral LP for motivation).

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The Rundown: Week 4

Oct 03 2013 Published by under Football

The government may be shutdown, but Chall shut all of us out of the top spot this week with her picks.

1.  Chall's Dreams

2   PLS's Prognostications (Got his shit together this week)

3.  Todd's Kaepernickpicks (Nice rebound)

4.  Genomic Repairman's Keuch'n A$$ (Kudos to me.  I'm a vain machine that runs off of compliments)

5.  Alyssa's G-Dawgs picks (Redemption)

6.  Parker's Picks by Lisa (Stop the slide next week)

7.  Odyssey's Odyssey (Crowdfund baby!)

8.  Bashir's KillaTCells (T Cell count is lower than Tom Hanks in Philadelphia son, go get some meds)

9.  Randy The Professor (Got schooled on his picks)

10.  SugarScientist's Tumornators (You metastisized down a few spots this week)

11.  PinkGirl (Better luck next week)

12.  Stevie "Don't Call Me Wonder" Walker's Show Me Your TDs (Can't seem to show yahoo his damn picks)


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