The Rundown: Week 4

Oct 03 2013 Published by under Football

The government may be shutdown, but Chall shut all of us out of the top spot this week with her picks.

1.  Chall's Dreams

2   PLS's Prognostications (Got his shit together this week)

3.  Todd's Kaepernickpicks (Nice rebound)

4.  Genomic Repairman's Keuch'n A$$ (Kudos to me.  I'm a vain machine that runs off of compliments)

5.  Alyssa's G-Dawgs picks (Redemption)

6.  Parker's Picks by Lisa (Stop the slide next week)

7.  Odyssey's Odyssey (Crowdfund baby!)

8.  Bashir's KillaTCells (T Cell count is lower than Tom Hanks in Philadelphia son, go get some meds)

9.  Randy The Professor (Got schooled on his picks)

10.  SugarScientist's Tumornators (You metastisized down a few spots this week)

11.  PinkGirl (Better luck next week)

12.  Stevie "Don't Call Me Wonder" Walker's Show Me Your TDs (Can't seem to show yahoo his damn picks)


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