The Rundown: Week 5

Oct 10 2013 Published by under Football

We crown a new champion this week, congrats Todd.

1.  Todd's Kaepernickpicks

2.  PinkGirl  (Nice rebound)

3.  Odyssey (Occupy 3rd Place!)

4.  Genomic Repairman's Keuch'n A$$ (Meh)

5.  Parker's Picks by Lisa (Up one spot)

7. Bashir's KillaTCells (T Cell count is rising but not by much.  Go get your picks looked at).

8. Randy The Professor (Slowly but surely moving up the standings)

9.  PLS's Prognostications (Did the government shutdown affect your picks?)

10.  Stevie "Don't Call Me Wonder" Walker's Show Me Your TDs (Finally made some picks this week)

11.  Alyssa's G-Dawgs picks (stunk)

12. Chall's Dreams (Narrowly avoided a first to worst transition)

13. SugarScientist's Tumornators  (I like Nine Inch Nails too, but no need to use the Downward Spiral LP for motivation).

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