The Great Journal Debate

Nov 08 2013 Published by under Publishing

We are currently debating what journal to send my impending research article off to.  Do you shoot for the moon and go for a glamour mag or do you shoot for the outer orbit of the moon (glamour's subjournals with good impact factors), places where they won't give you too much shit, or other journals (IF>12) that are interested in the physiology aspect of my work but could give two shits about DNA repair.

I have a shortlist of journals in mind with some safety journals that should for all intents and purposes bend over backward to take this article.  I'm waiting for all the data to turn up and then we'll make a final decision on where to send to first, but I'm eyeing one of the C/N subjournals.  Rejection from a model hurts just as bad as from the girl next door, why not try for it?

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  • SteveTodd says:

    I believe this is where you contact editors and see if you can get a feel if someone is excited about it.

    Send it to the top journal you think might take it. You never know unless you try.

    But don't tweet about it because if you choose to go glamour Eisen will be on your case.

  • Odyssey says:

    I think you should tweet about it if you're up for it. Eisen needs to learn that OA is not the best option for everyone and especially not for trainees in the current climate.

  • Dave says:

    Do a pre-submission inquiry first and see what the vibe is. Highlight the general/mass appeal of your work.

  • labrat says:

    Aim high (stars) unless you (a) need to publish soon because danger of getting scooped (glamor journal are anything but fast in my limited experience), (b) need it for grants or (c) more important impending work; or (d) it doesn't really feel like having a chance in the glamor journals and is thus a waste of time.

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