2014: A bleak year for science?

Nov 26 2013 Published by under Grantsmanship, Lab

What's the old saying, you neighbor loses his job and its a recession, but you lose your job, and its a depression.  Well the shoe finally dropped for one of my friends and he was put on notice that his job disappears as of January 1st.  Sadly for him there was no advance notice that this was coming.  I'm sure in the next year and probably the couple of subsequent ones, that more and more folks are going to getting pink slipped or P45'd.  More than a few of my friends who are trainees and techs are quietly brushing up resumes and trying to find homes in labs with more stable track records of funding.

Really its all very bleak and no one wants to talk about it, but its on our minds.  So to anyone displaced or about to be displaced from employment, I hope you guys land on your feet again soon.  When I got into science 12 years ago it seemed like the sky was the limit and I rarely ever heard of people getting cut loose for waning funding.  But as they say the times are a changing....and not for the better.

The Times They Are A-Changin' 1964 by aHobo

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  • Fe says:

    Well, a good time for scientists to dedicate to the logical analysis of the money/currency system and find the correct way to have and create jobs so as to always have a viable system that is consistent with the society of the times. Notice the huge flags in front--> funding and budget, capacity to work and produce, survival, ilogical restrictions, etc--> walk the walk and then you know that it is a painfully silly situation. Soit needs to change, it really should.

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