Winter Olympics

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Is anyone watching the winter Olympics?  I've been watching some of the ice skating and both men's and women's hockey.  At many of the events it appears as if the stands may be less than half full, I don't know if its a measure of the events or the lack of tourism influx in these games.  And for the life of me I cannot get into the events that belong more in the winter X games than the Olympics (read half-pipe).

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  • chall says:

    skiiiiiiiiis all the way man !! I'm a Swede and we have a HUGE feud with Norway on the skis. That said, they usually win a lot more than we do but occasionally we get a few medals and become proud 😉 and ice hockey tournament for men starts tomorrow. The women's has already started and we lost against canada/us which is expected but maybe we will grab bronze as last time 😉 small things. As for the male tournament, I'm crossing my fingers for a swedish gold!! only thin I value in Olympic, the hockey. Figure skating will be fun to watch too, Friday I think is the short program? Can you tell I'm trying to work but still want to watch some of the things?

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