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Feb 23 2014 Published by under Uncategorized

Echoing PLS's post about budgetary complexities, we have to keep an eye on the expenses in our lab too as our funding has seriously tightened up.  I look at experiments and see the data that it generates but I'm also thinking more and more what is the price tag for that data.  And like PLS we have about 6 pots of money to draw from and its fucking confusing as to which fund to draw down on sometimes and why.

For us the budget tightening has been a big change.  Mouse lines that were kept up and running if we needed them on a whim have been cryopreserved.  Watching how much we are spending on antibodies.  Working on which transfection appears to be the most economical in our lab (message me if you want details).

Unfortunately for us and with the looming of an even further bleak immediate future for science funding, we'll be keeping even more of an eye on the bottom line.

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