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Suggestions please....reviewers

Mar 24 2014 Published by under Publishing

Our lab is starting to churn out some good papers and we hope to submit about 6 of them for publication by the end of the year.  I was just wondering what everyone's strategy is for suggesting reviewers?  Do you go with people who have seen your work at meetings who are favorable to it?  BSDs whose landmark papers you have reference and just hope that it will get reviewed quickly by them (read their postdoc)?

How do you folks do it and what are some good tips?

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What's the difference between a good poster and a great one?

Mar 11 2014 Published by under Uncategorized

Neither do I?  At least in my present state of delirium.

I don't even know exactly what time it is in the early morning as I am finishing my poster layout for the Gordon Research Conference that starts this weekend.  If you will be in Ventura, CA, I'll see you there.  If not, I can give you updates on what the hell happened.

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