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Apr 13 2014 Published by under Mentoring

Just a quick poll the audience question.  Our lab is getting some summer interns in a few months and was just wondering how everyone distributes them (to grad students, postdocs, techs) and what kind of projects do you give them (plug and play, extra stuff in the lab nobody has time to do but may be helpful)?

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  • Heavy says:

    To postdocs and techs
    Extra hands for existing projects. Extractions, PCRs, and simpler stuff.

  • chall says:

    I'd say the same thing, techs and post-docs as supervisors. Doing smaller things that can be taught easy and repeated, but being a part of something bigger. Depending on their background, they can do more complex things.... or check mice (weights), PCR, cell culture (a little more difficult), WB, ELISAs and stuff like that.

    Key is training. First few weeks is pretty intense imho.

  • Put each one underneath a post-doc or graduate student, making sure that each of the post-docs and graduate students eagerly want to mentor someone. If they are not highly motivated to mentor, it will be a disaster.

    I would not put them underneath technicians. First, you don't want to impact the productivity of the technicians. Second, you want them mentored by scientists in the lab who are creative drivers of their research projects and who can model that kind of creative productivity.

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