Taking the sting out of rejection

May 11 2014 Published by under Publishing

First off, I don't want to hear any OA bullshit.  I know everyone has a bone for OA journals right now but the best thing for my career and my boss currently is to publish in glam  journals.  In a utopian society I'd tell CNS to go drink paint thinner and jump off a high tree limb with a bicycle chain around their necks connected to the tree while I publish in a OA journal.  Unfortunately this isn't utopia and the scientific community whether they like it or not still values glamour publications.

Too bad I got rejected by one.  I didn't get the automatic desk reject like showing up to the ballpark and finding the clubhouse doors locked.  More like I got thrown out of the game right as I planted my feet in the batter's box.  That said, we were aiming a bit high probably, but you never hit a home run unless you swing for the fences.

So now I'm relegated to the minor leagues but that's okay with me, maybe I can get a AAA publication.  But in the meantime I'm sitting on the couch, drinking some beers and watching baseball.  I've already spun the manuscript around and its submitted again, so let me have my rest dammit.

PS, if you don't get baseball analogies this whole post has been a complete loss for you.  Sorry I don't know cricket analogies.

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