Conservatives, gym douchebags, and bullying...

Jun 04 2014 Published by under Evil

I think everyone has a fair idea of which area of the political spectrum I park my ass at, and I'm fairly apathetic to political ploys and bickering to a point.  I have to say I'm quite disappointed with Conservatives that are lambasting the photos and videos of the president working out.  Sean Hannity of Fox News commented on how small his weights were and how bad he was straining.  Even remarking that the president in no way could keep up with his own martial arts workouts.

How about instead of goofing on the guy for how little the weights are and cracking jokes, why not applaud a guy for getting exercise?  We are in a fucking obesity epidemic in the US, picking on the guy for working out goes beyond the pale of politics and is nothing more than a case study in bullying.  In my mind it is honestly tantamount to bodybuilders shitting on a new guy in the gym who is just trying to get into shape.  Encourage people to exercise, be healthy, and better themselves.  At some point in time we all sucked at something but then we (hopefully) got better and encouragement can help a lot.

Fucking assholes.

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  • Julian Frost says:

    Well said. One of my favourite memes doing the rounds is a Picquard one saying "Why would you make fun of a fat person at the gym when you have ample proof that they are trying to fix the problem?"

  • Comradde PhysioProffe says:

    Dude, it is these fuckers' motherfucken JOB to criticize the Democratic President for EVERYTHING. If he was heaving big iron, then he'd be "wasting his time in the gym instead of getting to the bottom of BENGHAZI". No matter what he does, it is the worst thing ever in the history of forever, and completely pussified, tyrannical, stupid, deviously brilliant, all at the same time.

  • Meiopic says:

    This seems an example of the, "Hey, the 'most powerful man in the word' isn't in my weight class. Total BS.

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