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Aug 16 2014 Published by under Lab, Legal Shit, PI

Andy Deans (@GenomeStability), a researcher at St. Vincent's University that studies the DNA repair genes related to Fanconi anemia and just a really nice guy, posted this week on twitter about a crazy MTA that he received from someone when trying to obtain a plasmid from them.  This MTA is so nuts I just had to post it.


I can kind of see co-authorship if its a relatively new reagent or something hotly in demand.  But having editorial control of the manuscript when you just provided a reagent is bullshit.  It would be like asking my neighbor to borrow his tire iron to change my tires and he can then tell me which kinds of tire I have to buy.  Its a bit delusional really, but I hope Andy got it all resolved.

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Slow, Slower, Slowest

Aug 03 2014 Published by under Evil

Slow-My minute per mile pace

Slower-My metabolism

Slowest-Yankees/Red Sox Game


Its still the fourth inning!

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