A graphical representation of my frustration

Sep 17 2015 Published by under Data

I'm working on making figures for a paper that I walked into and have done some work to wrap up the study. I'm currently going batty digging through old files to find the raw files that were used to create graphs that apparently only exist in powerpoint files. These things are spread out to the four corners of the earth and its getting really annoying. Some of the files are in prism, some are in excel, some are in jmp, its getting crazy. If I make a figure I keep the raw data in excel but tend to make the polished figure in prism so its sitting there waiting to go into a publication.

Do you guys have a standard for graphs and how you want to see them?

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  • Morgan Price says:

    A better digital lab notebook might help. Personally, I use R for everything. I keep an R image of the data for a given project, and keep the R commands in my notebook (a huge text file). Any plot can be recreated and tweaked by loading the image and copy/pasting the code.

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