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If you build it, she will come

Mar 28 2016 Published by under Lab, Mentoring

I paraphrased a quote from Field of Dreams for the title of this post, but you get the gist. If you build the opportunity, women will come be a part of it.

We ran an event for young women last year to get them interested in STEM fields as a career. Cut to me now sifting through the applicants for high school summer interns and we are getting a lot more applications from young women in high school and particularly women from underrepresented minority backgrounds than we have before. This to me is a huge success and does not occur in a vacuum. This is a testament to the huge buy in from our institution, local civic groups (in particular women's groups), and STEM-related businesses.

Now we have the fantastic opportunity to show these young women that would normally not have a significant exposure to science that STEM careers are attainable, rewarding, and really damn cool.

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Mar 28 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

Is looking at all the compiled data for a manuscript and seeing very few items on the punch list* that need to get wrapped up before its ready to head off for submission.


*Construction term for the few nagging items/tasks that need to be completed in order to receive final payment.

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Save my bacon...

Mar 10 2016 Published by under Blogging

Drugmonkey didn't tag me in his meme challenge but fucke it, why not? Here's my list of characters to get me out of a jam.

1&2. Damien Scott and Michael Stonebridge
3.      Carrie Mathison
4.      Mr. Rogers
5.      Jack Bauer

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