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Thank you DrugMonkey

Sep 23 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

I came to find out about DrugMonkey and his ubiquitously profane, sometimes incendiary, and always insightful partner in crime Comrade Physioprof nearly 8 years ago. I imagine these two running around the halls of meetings or study sections like Turk and JD from the TV show Scrubs.

I'll focus in on DM and save my praise for CPP another time. I've been reading science blogs for roughly 8 years and some blogs I go to and then leave for a while and maybe come back and some I'll peruse once and never again. Not DM, dude is my ride or die science blog that I read. He is my guy who makes me think bigger than I do, want to be a better scientist, get mad about shitty practitioners of our craft, and make my blood boil as he bates us with great topics and witty banter. And sometimes all in a single blog post.

And did I mention his Twitter account? While he crafts intricate blog posts, he is nothing short of a resplendent troll in 140 characters. I check him periodically throughout the day to see what bon mot he is offering up. I laugh at those who fall victim to his trolling and cringe when he sometimes catches my own dumbass in the bear trap as well.

You can call DM many things, avid fan of cycling, hater of pitbulls, advocate of diversity in science, but never boring. The day he hangs up his blog will be like the day McDonald's stops selling the McRib, utterly horrifying and leaving society shaking their head wondering what to do with the rest of their lives.

Over the years he has been my critic, confidant, and sage. So to my scientific Man Crush Monday (sorry Prof-Like Substance) I just want to my appreciation for the years of entertainment and information. Whatever praise you get is not enough but what you do get is deservedly earned.


So to the stylin', profilin', bicycle riding, fig-flying, election stealing, wheelin' and dealin' son of a gun I want to say thank you.

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