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Nov 29 2016 Published by under Postdoc, Publishing, Uncategorized

I'm currently not able to spend a lot of time in lab (booo!) and stuck at my desk working on papers (yay!!!!). Papers good right? Yeah but too many manuscripts are coalescing at once. I'm staring at four drafts of papers from me (2 first authorships, 2 co-authorships) and I'm looking at my excel sheet and I have two more to write.

I'm super happy with all the work I've been doing but I'm not going to lie this is daunting as hell. I want to get at least two of the papers out the door in the next week and a half or lets face it, they won't be going out until early January.

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  • singh says:

    sounds like lots of work. Hope you can finish them asap 🙂

  • Odyssey says:

    I can think of worse problems to have...

    • genomicrepairman says:

      Yeah but sometimes I worry that our group has too many papers and it results in no papers getting out the door because they flutter around from one paper to the next instead of have a clear linear path of who is going out the door followed by who.

      • drugmonkey says:

        Ideally the first author is pushing the priority on her/his manuscript.

        • genomicrepairman says:

          I push and push but sometimes you get pushed aside to wait for something else that needs to come out first. This is the inherent problem on sitting on top of a pile of papers. Some build off others so we are stuck waiting for the initial finding to get out.

  • Mclneuron says:

    Have you ever written sections in real time on google docs w your coauthor?

    Gets shit done sometimes.

    • genomicrepairman says:

      Never, but we should. We typically write the main draft, ship it out for additions from any collaborators and then polish up a final draft. Disseminate one time, they have 48-72 hours to make any last minute corrections before we submit.

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