A brief treatise on tyranny and xenophobia

Jan 29 2017 Published by under Life

I generally stay as apolitical as possible when it comes to my public and professional life. If asked in a private environment I do share my beliefs, but otherwise I keep it out of my job. I honestly wanted to give the new guy a fair shot, but any goodwill that I may have had dissolved within the first week of his leadership. More and more I am finding it difficult to do this, especially after this weekend. This travel ban is nothing more than the first play in the xenophobia playbook that will eventually seek to completely seal off our borders. America is not an island of isolationists, we are a melting pot where the sum total far exceeds the individual ingredients.

I'm a product of the American dream. I was raised by an American mother and a father from one of those countries who is now on the travel ban. My dad came here like many others, seeking a new life like many others did. Like many of our forefathers did. When we stop people at the gates and begin to cherrypick who can come in and who can't based upon their religion or which patch of dirt they were born onto this sets a highly dangerous precedent.

If American is to a beacon of hope, actions like these make that light shine just that more dimly. The more we stand by and allow this to happen the darker it shines. I was always taught to be proud of my country, however today all I can feel is utter shame and embarrassment. I've made it a point to contact many of my international friends, here in the US and far abroad, to let them know this does not represent me and to offer a sincere apology. I have also been in contact with my Congressman and Senator. A simple letter is not enough to suffice, those will not be read. Phone calls are far more impactful. A staffer can just ignore an email, someone has to answer the phone. The more we inconvenience them with our calling the more they will feel pressured to act. Please stand up for what is right.

"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice."
Charles de Montesquieu

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