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Mar 02 2017 Published by under Postdoc, Publishing

Our lab is in the predicament that we have a glut of papers that need to go out in order to get as many accepted or in press before a grant deadline. I literally have a color-coded excel sheet open on my computer right now listing manuscripts, there various states of doneness (in preparation, review, revision, etc), and target journals. I'm working with the bosses to push another manuscript out the door before revisions come back for another. I guess this is a good problem to have but it would have been better that we didn't sit on these papers building up a huge backlog. I'm 100% certain I'm going to take it on the chin with doing multiple revisions at the same time. But on the plus side, I need papers. So yay papers! I hope my bosses have a healthy amount of funds banked away for all these publication fees, its going to get pricey.

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  • New(ish) PI says:

    As a PI you learn very quickly that you need to be strategic about when you publish. If you publish your best stuff before the study section reads your grant, they'll ding you for lack of innovation since your major discovery is already published. Then once you get your grant, you don't want to publish too early in the cycle. Better to publish everything the year before the renewal application goes in so it looks like you've been amazingly productive recently.

    • genomicrepairman says:

      We are about 6 months out from renewal submissions so this is a bit tense to try to pump papers out. We are in Phase I right now waiting to hear back on those papers before pushing Phase II out the door.

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