Fighting for first

Oct 21 2017 Published by under Postdoc, Publishing

I'm battling reviewers of one of my society journals to publish my first paper from my postdoc. I've been at this since mid January and I'm waiting to hear what is going on after the second round of revisions. This shitte is getting insane, all for a little short report. I almost never want to send another paper there again.

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  • phdlifestyles says:

    I am struggling with the similar work is getting rejected from everywhere..and I don't want to go in very low IF....

    This whole cycle of publishing paper is so frustrating for me...

    • genomicrepairman says:

      I feel your pain as I have dealt with that and the past and currently. The worst is having to do the reformatting to submit somewhere else only to have the manuscript rejected in under 24 hours. Best of luck with getting your papers out.

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