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Save my bacon...

Mar 10 2016 Published by under Blogging

Drugmonkey didn't tag me in his meme challenge but fucke it, why not? Here's my list of characters to get me out of a jam.

1&2. Damien Scott and Michael Stonebridge
3.      Carrie Mathison
4.      Mr. Rogers
5.      Jack Bauer

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I'm back...

Apr 29 2013 Published by under Blogging

after a self-imposed exile.  So what's good?

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Welcome Rim...

Feb 19 2013 Published by under Blogging

So we have a new guest blogger starting at Scientopia this week again, so when they toss their first post up go say hey to Harry and Rim from Neurobites.  You can also track back to their blog to see their coverage of SfN2012.

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Advertising Scientopia...

Feb 11 2013 Published by under Blogging

Lets face it kids, this place don't run on wishes and kisses to quote Kevin Smith.  We need dollars to pay the proverbial power (server) bill.  And to do that, we needed to bring in some advertising.  I reached out to the good kindly folks at Cedarlane because they are a smaller life science company and lets face it, if we don't support folks like them, we will be stuck buying from the big two.  I've used their products in the past and found them to be fantastic.

So if you get a chance, show a little support to the folks that are supporting us.  Click on the link and take a look at their products and if you feel so inclined order something.  I'm sure Kyle and the rest of Cedarlane would appreciate your patronage.

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A post in which I offer up praise to DrugMonkey and CPP

May 30 2012 Published by under Blogging, Grantsmanship, Lab, NIH

My boss and I were discussing his latest grant proposal and which mechanism would be more suitable.  We start discussing more exploratory mechanisms and he begins to explain the difference from the typical research grants (R01s) that we apply for.  I explain that I know what the R21 mechanism is and how it differs from the R01.  The boss looks befuddled and asks how do I know this.

I'm at a crossroads here dear reader, I can tell the man that I have religiously read Gospel of DM & CPP for the past couple of years or come up with something on the fly.  My answer, "Oh, they told us about it in a grant writing seminar."

I kneel before thee sir dudes for I am not worthy.

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Advice for new grad school bloggers...

Mar 20 2012 Published by under Blogging, Grad School, Lab

So today I got an email for a cool cat named Darwin Foo, who is about to go to graduate school, on advice for starting up a blog.  Turns out Darwin has created a blog Darwin + Fu = My Equation For Life.  So Darwin, here is my advice to you and any other grad student bloggers.  Dear readers if you have any pearls of wisdom, feel free to contribute as well.

1. There are no rules to blogging, do whatever the hell you want.
2. Write for you! Mostly, its the most comfortable and its where you best stuff will flow from and you are creating an honest point of view.
3. Since you are not pseudonymous, be careful about how critical of things and people you are. Folks now know who you are, best not to slag off too hard on anyone you work with or where you work.
4. Go comment on other folks blogs and make sure to leave the link to your blog as a trackback, that way they can navigate to your blog and read you.
5. Feed the trolls, but not too much. I give the Tideliar some filet mignon from time to time, but he'll keep eating if you don't cut him off.
6. Have an RSS feed, that way I and others can add you into their Google Reader subscriptions
7. If you are going to research a topic, really research. For example, in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina famed rapper Kanye West publicly declared that then President George Bush didn't care about black people. Kanye was a bit hurried in his research and missed the mark by a bit. If he would have done his due diligence, he would have found out that George Bush didn't care about black people OR poor people. Lesson learned Kanye, do your homework.
8. Have fun, if its not fun, you aren't going to be able to do it.
9. Oh and when you get a following, make sure to throw some linklove in other people's directions. The ever lovable DrugMonkey was the first to throw me some linklove and make mention of my blog (which I surmise he found me from his comments section) and gifted me much of the meager following that I have today. So I will always be thankful to him, even though he holds me upside down and shakes out my lunch money every day.
10. The internet will turn on you one day. It happens to everyone but don't be surprised if they go all 4chan on your ass. Just deal with it. It will subside, unless you piss off the homeopathic people. Or doulas!

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Houston bound and down, loaded up and trucking...

Mar 12 2012 Published by under Blogging, LinkLove

I'm heading out to Houston today for a two day meeting, if any readers want to hang out or grab a bite to eat let me know.  I'm already going to grub with The Protein Wrangler, a fine young gent who works in the Texas Medical Center.  And for a nominal fee (i.e. cab money), I'd be willing to autograph whatever items you wish whether it be a pipet, a baby, a gallon of milk.  Anything helps.

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Sweeps Week Programming: Databases

Nov 21 2011 Published by under Blogging, Uncategorized

So, I'm throwing caution and what little reputation I have to the wind and guaranteeing content each day next week.  What's the theme you might ask?  I plan on covering a different biomedical database each day and hopefully some new and interesting ones that you haven't heard of before.  So that means I'm going to be going for the more obscure and leaving the low hanging fruit like BLAST, CGAP, dbSNP, and databases of their ilk alone.

If you like what you see or know of a better database let me know.

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Welcome Cassandra's Tears

Oct 23 2011 Published by under Blogging

who is our new guest blogger.  I really dig his blog, especially the Timeline on Creationism and Science.  Go read him here and at his original blog home.

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Time to start jamming again

Oct 21 2011 Published by under Blogging, Meetings

Just got back from my society meeting.  Met a lot of really cool readers of Scientopia and Canadians.  I'll be making a series of posts on the meeting next week but this is all I've got for you right now.

Enjoy some Ram Jam


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