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Slow, Slower, Slowest

Aug 03 2014 Published by under Evil

Slow-My minute per mile pace

Slower-My metabolism

Slowest-Yankees/Red Sox Game


Its still the fourth inning!

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Conservatives, gym douchebags, and bullying...

Jun 04 2014 Published by under Evil

I think everyone has a fair idea of which area of the political spectrum I park my ass at, and I'm fairly apathetic to political ploys and bickering to a point.  I have to say I'm quite disappointed with Conservatives that are lambasting the photos and videos of the president working out.  Sean Hannity of Fox News commented on how small his weights were and how bad he was straining.  Even remarking that the president in no way could keep up with his own martial arts workouts.

How about instead of goofing on the guy for how little the weights are and cracking jokes, why not applaud a guy for getting exercise?  We are in a fucking obesity epidemic in the US, picking on the guy for working out goes beyond the pale of politics and is nothing more than a case study in bullying.  In my mind it is honestly tantamount to bodybuilders shitting on a new guy in the gym who is just trying to get into shape.  Encourage people to exercise, be healthy, and better themselves.  At some point in time we all sucked at something but then we (hopefully) got better and encouragement can help a lot.

Fucking assholes.

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Douche of the millinnium: McDonald's

Jul 16 2013 Published by under Cheap Motherfuckers, Evil, Food

So I'm going to just throw away the idea that McDonald's would ever be a sponsor.  In fact I'm going to go one step further like the guy who is an ass to the pretty girl.  We don't even want them to sponsor us.  That said, McDonald's, your ad money will always be good with me.

But enough about that, what has Reddit afire today is that McDonald's worked with Visa to create a website that shows their employees how to make a budget and handle their finances.  Sadly their budget on how to get by includes having a second job, spending no more than $20 a month for healthcare and no money on heating (guess all their locations must be in tropical climates?).

Anyways take a look at this news article to read more about this and take a look at this impossible financial analysis if one is a minimum wage worker.  It infuriates me to know end, but I guess this is what happens when you let free market economics run amuck.

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Lamar Smith wants to can NSF peer review

Apr 29 2013 Published by under Evil, Review

Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX), known for sponsoring SOPA, went full stupid and drafted a bill that would fundamentally alter the way the NSF doles out its grant dollars.  If good ole Lamar had his way, that kooky concept of peer review would be gone and the science funding would be decided by whether your research met certain vague criteria like:

1) "… in the interests of the United States to advance the national health, prosperity, or welfare, and to secure the national defense by promoting the progress of science;

2) "… the finest quality, is groundbreaking, and answers questions or solves problems that are of utmost importance to society at large; and

3) "… not duplicative of other research projects being funded by the Foundation or other Federal science agencies."


And if it didn't make it worse it would set off a chain event that would probably force other federal science agencies to have to adopt this funding philosophy as well.  For more on the matter see the writeup in Science or at RawStory.

Lamar, you so crazy...

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Genomic Repairman's Workout Tips of the Day

Oct 25 2012 Published by under Evil

1.  Don't get fat.

2.  Never do bootcamp with a guy that does Ironman triathlons.

3.  Hedge your bets by praying to all known and absent deities to not throw up.

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Dumbest Thing I Ever Did....

Oct 01 2012 Published by under Evil

So the other day I was explaining to the person to which I am related to by marriage that we used to have sun staring contests when I was kid, I think it took her more than 15 minutes to stop laughing at me.  I gave her the look of "what, you haven't done that before?"  Of course not, she wasn't an idiot.

So dear reader whats the dumbest thing you've ever done?

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Social Activism and Sweet Tea

Aug 02 2012 Published by under Evil, Sweet Tea

Ok so here is my take of Chick Fil A.  Dan Cathy is allowed to spout off at the mouth about what he believes just like any of us.  He has the right to steer his dollars to whatever organization he wants.  But he does not have a right to my business.

When you start donating money to campaigns that are against my friends, then its over with.  You aren't getting my business any longer.  And this is painful to me because I like many other southerners am a fan of sweet tea.  And CFA had great sweet tea, especially since the only other sweet tea around where I live would make your damn left foot off from diabetes.  But I am a principled man and thus am now boycotting you.

So its going to suck not having their sweet tea but I stand up for my friends and against douchebags.  As Odyssey said, those of us that say nothing quietly condone what is happening and I'll be damn if I condone one bit of it.

Now if you'll excuse me I must go find another suitable purveyor of my beverage of choice.

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Sort of collaborating with moochers...

Jul 18 2012 Published by under Collaboration, Evil, Lab

I'm currently stuck working with an internal collaborator on a project that I was originally supposed to just provide technical advice to.  It grew to them trying to dump the work off on me and using all our equipment and reagents.  After explaining to the collaborator that the only thing in the world that mattered more to me than his project was everything else in the world, he took the hint and started working on it himself.  But the cheap fuck is using all our reagents and kits to do the work, I don't think the boss man thought this would be the case but I've got to bring it up to him.  He may roll over on this but "our" collaboration is now at a standstill until some stuff for the project is ordered and the doucheknuckle wants us to pony up the money for it.

There is no way in hell I'm going to pay for stuff we might not even use in the lab to help this person out on a one off project.   At this point, they need to put some skin in the game, so I'm using the slow roll approach and conveniently forgetting to order what we need until they get a clue and do it themselves.  This has been frustrating, I don't have time to drop everything whenever you deign to show up and am getting pissed off when you forget to answer my emails for a month.  This collaboration will net me nothing, I will help you produce what you need and at best end up buried in the middle of the authorship if even that.  I've got other fish to fry.

Speaking of frying fish I need to go catch some catfish.

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This so reminds me of a coworker...carpool

Jun 25 2012 Published by under Evil

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Technology is trying to screw with me today

Jun 21 2012 Published by under Evil, Meetings

My institution's IT infrastructure is well frustrating.  I am currently locked out of a critical database system and have been so for almost two weeks.  IT's response to my problem is, "Huh, that's weird.  We'll keep looking at it."  Said database system used to be administrated by a guy in another core facility and IT had a pissing match with him and took it over.  Which is stupid because IT does not want to do the work in maintaining it and servicing user needs, which this guy was aptly doing before they swept in and hijacked it.  My working relationship with IT has changed from pleasant but apathetic to dangerously acrimonious.  I now visit them daily if now hourly to remind them of the thousands of dollars of research that are being held up because they can't seem to fix the minor problem.  Nor will they listen to the former database administrator who has an idea of what's going on.

And on top of that, my institution decided to start using one of those browser-based travel software packages where we book our travel and submit receipts for reimbursement.  It booking travel wasn't hard enough, the reimbursement process is made even more ridiculous.  How come I can't get reimbursed for meals?  Oh that's right, you weren't preapproved for meals on your system-generated travel allowance?  Uh, I'm traveling out of state for a few days, I would hope they understand that I need sustenance.  I'm not going to forage for berries and noodle for catfish in the local streams.  Although, I hear Odyssey has a problem with squirrels...

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