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December 24 on Hollis Ave

Dec 25 2016 Published by under Food, Music

As I boil eggs to make deviled eggs and get ready to inject my turkey with Cajun seasoning, I'm jamming out to some of my favorite Christmas tunes.

So if you are celebrating the holidays or just a regular Sunday tomorrow. Have a good one and I hope the spread is covered in the Denver game.

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Douche of the millinnium: McDonald's

Jul 16 2013 Published by under Cheap Motherfuckers, Evil, Food

So I'm going to just throw away the idea that McDonald's would ever be a sponsor.  In fact I'm going to go one step further like the guy who is an ass to the pretty girl.  We don't even want them to sponsor us.  That said, McDonald's, your ad money will always be good with me.

But enough about that, what has Reddit afire today is that McDonald's worked with Visa to create a website that shows their employees how to make a budget and handle their finances.  Sadly their budget on how to get by includes having a second job, spending no more than $20 a month for healthcare and no money on heating (guess all their locations must be in tropical climates?).

Anyways take a look at this news article to read more about this and take a look at this impossible financial analysis if one is a minimum wage worker.  It infuriates me to know end, but I guess this is what happens when you let free market economics run amuck.

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Poll: Cutlery

May 03 2012 Published by under Food, Uncategorized

So my parents have knives that might be old enough to have been fashioned back in the Bronze Age and they are even duller than I am.  So for Father's Day, I've decided to get them a new Chef's knife or set to replace the crap that they currently have in their kitchen.  I've been rocking a GLOBAL Knife (chef and boning) for the past few years and love it, especially the fact that they seem to retain their sharpness for longer than any other knife I've ever had.  So I'd like to get my folks a nice chef's knife for use in the kitchen, which brand would you recommend.  But I'd also like to make it as low maintenance as possible, I don't see Genomic RepairMom and Dad sharpening a knife on a weekly or monthly basis.


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Jan 27 2012 Published by under Food

I am insanely impressed and constantly jealous of my wife's culinary skills.  I mean forget Rachel Ray, she will go into the kitchen and whip up fresh gnocchi or make ravioli from scratch.  And don't even get me started on her dessert making skills.  As for me, my culinary skills suck.  I can maybe make you some Kraft mac and cheese, if you are lucky.  The raviolis that I make more resemble horrifying tumors than anything even edible.  So its fun working in the kitchen with my wife to make pizza from scratch or pot stickers, mine may be edible, but hers is way prettier.

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Freedom Fries...

Jan 08 2012 Published by under Food

Home made of course, baked in the oven, not fried.  Enjoyed with a Dr. Pepper BBQ dipping sauce.  The trick is to get rid of that horrible starchy taste, soak the potatoes in water after slicing to pull out the excess start.  Run them through some olive oil that has paprika mixed in before tossing them on a baking sheet.  Salt, pepper.  350 degrees for 30 minutes or so.  Make sure to flip them around.

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Sometimes you just want a little peace and quiet...

Oct 31 2011 Published by under Food, Uncategorized

and this video about sums it up.  Can a man just eat his sandwich in peace.

h/t:  RoosterTeeth

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Go easy on the herbs, for your kidneys...

Oct 26 2011 Published by under Alternative Medicine, Food, Uncategorized

So I know that Chinese herbs are all the rage these days as some people are turning to alternative medicines.  Here is a little something to be aware of:  aristolochic acid.

Here is the backstory,
Balkan Endemic Nephropathy (BEN) was first described in the 1950s affecting areas of the Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and Serbia that were in close proximity to the Danube river. BEN is a chronic kidney disease that progressed to renal failure and is associated with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder.

So what the hell was causing it? Believe it or not it was a native plant, Aristolochia clematitis, that got into the wheat fields. Bread being a major staple in the daily life of these Eastern European villagers, they would harvest their wheat and Aristolochia. Since these weren't exactly the 1%, they had primitive milling machines so while they were milling the grain, they also milled the Aristolochia seeds into the mixture as well. Well it turns out the aristolochic acid in the seeds could survive the milling and baking process.

How does aristolochic acid give you cancer? Easy after being digested and metabolized the aristolochic acid reacts with DNA to for aristolactam adducts with deoxyadenine or deoxyguanine (your DNA). After extensive research the adducts can exist for indefinitely in the tissue and evade detection of conventional repair mechanisms.

So what if you don't repair the adduct? The adduct is mutagenic, the aristolactam adduct causes A:T --> T:A base transversions in the DNA, commonly seen in p53, a tumor suppressor gene. When you loose functional p53, you are in what the first President Bush would call, deep doodoo.  Also this lesion, can regularly escape repair based upon the strand selectivity of transcription-coupled nucleotide excision repair.

Okay okay, so how does this relate to Chinese herbs? Aristolochia, is a very common ingredient in many Chinese herbal remedies. So you've got to do your homework and check out the natural "safer" alternative medicine.

We know that China has an elevated rate of urothelial cancers, is it related to Chinese herb usage, particularly those containing aristolochic acid? Who knows but it deserves some further study.

Grollman AP, PNAS, 2007
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Oct 17 2011 Published by under Food, Meetings

Eate that shitte son!

Its going to take years off your life but its good.

Compliments of Montreal...

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Genomic RepairWife is awesome!!!

Aug 28 2011 Published by under Food

My wife is incredibly talented not just in cooking but in many other things that she does.  But lets focus on her culinary skills, she rocks at it!  As for me, not so much.  I can make toast and Easy Mac, but that is about it.  Luckily my wife hates toast, but she does love bruschetta, and brie cheese, and figs, and a sweet fucking balsamic reduction.  I'm a lucky dude.

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