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My soundtrack to science

Sep 22 2013 Published by under Music

I often listen to music when reading articles or doing a bit of writing.  Typically I need music that is amenable to playing in the background and not drawing away my attention from the task at hand.  This typically ends up being classical music or movie soundtracks (Tyler Bates, Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams), or Brian Eno.  I recently purchased the soundtrack to the movie Moneyball and was playing it while writing up some notes today and found it to be fabulous.  I really like "The Mighty Rio Grande" by This Will Destroy You.

What do you folks listen to when you read or write, or choose not to in order to concentrate?

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Midnight Jamming...

May 29 2013 Published by under Music

While I'm running some Westerns here are some tunes to enjoy.

Jake Bugg "Lightning Bolt" (for some reason I find this hipster palatable)

Stony looping Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's "Can't Hold Us" (very creative use of real time looping)

Daniel Park "You Say Hello, I Say Herrow (The Asian Song)"

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Greatest Christmas Song Ever...

Dec 26 2012 Published by under Music

Fuck Bing Crosby...There is no debate.

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A Saturday Afternoon Jammy Jam...Get Off This

Oct 13 2012 Published by under Music

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I need a Cure for a song stuck in my head...

Sep 28 2012 Published by under Music

The Cure came on the radio this morning and I can't get this song out of my head.  Damn you.  Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend.



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Can we hit the reset button on society or at least music?

Jun 08 2012 Published by under Music, Uncategorized

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Mo Bluegrass: You are my sunshine...

Apr 27 2012 Published by under Music

This is version was performed by Norman Blake for the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?". Also this song is one of the official state songs for the great state of Louisiana.

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Mo Bluegrass: Freebird edition...

Apr 25 2012 Published by under Music

As the resident southerner of Scientopia I have to make sure to keep you guys posted on all things hickish.  Thus enjoy this bluegrass rendition of a favorite song of mine from some greasy long haired boys from down in Florida.

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In rememberance of Levon Helm

Apr 20 2012 Published by under Music

Best song ever...  You'll be missed buddy.

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Ten Years Gone

Apr 06 2012 Published by under Music

On the drive into work today, the thought popped in my mind that I have been working in science for a little over 10 years now.  Not that it is a major accomplishment and many have put full lifetimes into it, but it is a significant mile marker in my life.  Believe me I did not have the most glamorous start to my scientific career, I started out as the bottle washer for a departmental stock room, but that is where I made my start.  When you think of jobs that scientists want, bottle washer ranks as DFL, but it was good for me to start at (or maybe even below) the bottom rung of the scientific ladder.  It made me humble and as I slowly (and I mean slowly) progressed up the ladder I have had the fortune to meet and work with amazing people.

Science is beautiful because you seem to bring together people from such divergent backgrounds with a variety of interests.  Some of us were born on 3rd base.  Some of us were born in the projects.  Some of us were born in squalid third world backwaters with little to no opportunities.  But yet, here we all are working together and in our off times sharing our experiences and cultures.  After 10 years in science you learn how to say shit in three languages, how to eat with chopsticks, and how little you know about the world around you.

Once you realize this, its amazing, you never want to stop learning and discovering.  About science or humanity.

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