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Ten Years Gone

Apr 06 2012 Published by under Music

On the drive into work today, the thought popped in my mind that I have been working in science for a little over 10 years now.  Not that it is a major accomplishment and many have put full lifetimes into it, but it is a significant mile marker in my life.  Believe me I did not have the most glamorous start to my scientific career, I started out as the bottle washer for a departmental stock room, but that is where I made my start.  When you think of jobs that scientists want, bottle washer ranks as DFL, but it was good for me to start at (or maybe even below) the bottom rung of the scientific ladder.  It made me humble and as I slowly (and I mean slowly) progressed up the ladder I have had the fortune to meet and work with amazing people.

Science is beautiful because you seem to bring together people from such divergent backgrounds with a variety of interests.  Some of us were born on 3rd base.  Some of us were born in the projects.  Some of us were born in squalid third world backwaters with little to no opportunities.  But yet, here we all are working together and in our off times sharing our experiences and cultures.  After 10 years in science you learn how to say shit in three languages, how to eat with chopsticks, and how little you know about the world around you.

Once you realize this, its amazing, you never want to stop learning and discovering.  About science or humanity.

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Need to kickstart this morning

Apr 03 2012 Published by under Music

I've had no caffeine this morning and its slow goings, here is a little music to jolt you into getting it done today.

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Say Herrow to Daniel Park

Mar 21 2012 Published by under LinkLove, Music

About a year or so ago, I got to see a really talented young musician named Daniel Park perform and he was awesome.  So in the spirit of link love, I'm sharing a few videos of his to you.  The first is about culture differences and how people say Hello and the second is his cover of Fleetwood Mac's Landslide.  Enjoy.

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Enough with this easy listening

Mar 19 2012 Published by under Music

When grinding through some emails that I need to respond to, I'm jamming out to an old favorite from Gravity Kills, an industrial rock band from Missouri.  I first came across them in the mid-90s when I heard their track "Goodbye" on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack.  I like it that its an uptempo song but still blends in the background so I can work. Enjoy.


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Mind over matter

Feb 28 2012 Published by under Evil, Music

I was going to post something today but I have this mind-splitting headache that feels like John Bonham is just breaking in a new kick drum in and putting it through its paces in my skull.  Maybe tomorrow.  Have a good one folks.

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Playing with Loggins...

Feb 21 2012 Published by under Music

This came up on my iTunes radio station and I had to just post it up...

This song and bad acting ruined the movie Top Gun for me.

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Final Album List....Intro to Rock

Feb 16 2012 Published by under Music

With the awesome input of the readership, we sort of came to a consensus on some good albums to get a kid into Rock and Roll.

1.  Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin II
2.  The Beatles-Revolver
3.  Allman Brothers-Eat a Peach
4.  The Who-Tommy
5.  Jimi Hendrix Experience-Electric Ladyland

After this, I've got to introduce him to arena rock, Zappa, some Metallica, Guns N Roses, hair bands, etc.  Oh man so much good music to navigate this kid through.  And that's just rock, wait till I sit him down to get him to listen to blues or jazz.

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I gotta make this kid hip to music

Feb 15 2012 Published by under Music

So my little cousin is growing up and little dude is interested in music, more specifically Rock and Roll and he wants to listen to some older stuff.  Now I've got to do this kid right and make sure he doesn't fall into the evil clutches of listening to Bieber.  I've been thinking about 5 or 6 pivotal albums to get him started off on his rock education.  I'm going to give you my list and give me some feedback or suggestions that you would have..

1.  Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin II
2.  The Beatles-Revolver (or Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club)
3.  Lynyrd Skynard-Street Survivors (he is southern and this is the epitome of southern rock)
4.  Pink Floyd-Animals (I don't think he's ready for The Wall yet)
5.  Jimi Hendrix Experience-Electric Ladyland)

Let me know what you guys think

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A little 20th Century music to get your day started...

Jan 30 2012 Published by under Music

Love the opening riff.


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