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Rejected...Postdoc edition

Jul 02 2012 Published by under Postdoc

We recently interviewed a postdoctoral candidate for our lab and rejected the chap for more than a few reasons:

-No papers.  Not a big deal but when combined with everything else, it doesn't help.
-No enthusiasm for anything that we do in the lab.  The dumpsterbaby reportedly checked his iPhone while speaking to one of the senior technicians in the lab and what we do and what the culture of the lab is like.
-Didn't really care to talk science at all during the interview process.  If I wanted to make small take, I'd have talk to someone more interesting.
-Forgetting to read some of the most recent papers from the lab.  Ding ding ding, this is the kiss of death.  We no longer work on redacted, that was like 10 years ago and what the boss got tenure on, we've changed topics.  Hopefully you would have noticed this.
-Not disclosing pertinent information on your CV.

He was a nice guy but lets face it, we are in a business that doesn't put a premium on nice guys, just folks that have their act together and will get the job done.  When you interview you have to have your proverbial shit together and be well read on what your potential lab does.  Also its not a good thing when your CV has huge gaps in it that seem to be filled in on your LinkedIn profile.  Consistency is the key.

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