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Yuletide submission

Dec 23 2016 Published by under Lab, Publishing

I'm submitting a paper today, hopefully. So journal, Santa's coming early baby! Remember that dear editor, don't have ice water flowing through your veins and desk reject. Because Santa GR will remember and you'll get a lump of coal next year!


If you are celebrating the holidays, I hope you have a safe and fun time surrounded by friends and loved ones. May your drunk uncle be even drunker and your awkward pauses at the dinner table be even more awkward. And if you aren't celebrating the holidays, well then I hope you are having a good day and looking forward to the weekend.

Let's get ready for 2017. Maybe the Mayan predictions weren't that far off.

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Clearing the backlog

Nov 29 2016 Published by under Postdoc, Publishing, Uncategorized

I'm currently not able to spend a lot of time in lab (booo!) and stuck at my desk working on papers (yay!!!!). Papers good right? Yeah but too many manuscripts are coalescing at once. I'm staring at four drafts of papers from me (2 first authorships, 2 co-authorships) and I'm looking at my excel sheet and I have two more to write.

I'm super happy with all the work I've been doing but I'm not going to lie this is daunting as hell. I want to get at least two of the papers out the door in the next week and a half or lets face it, they won't be going out until early January.

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Thesis Writing Tips...I need them

Nov 17 2014 Published by under Grad School, Publishing

I'm in the throws of writing my Ph.D. thesis right now and could use any tips.  I mean anything, crazy ass endnote tricks, how to deal with the boredom, etc.


I already got pissed off at my laptop for being slow and maxed the hell out of the RAM, so now its running like a methhead from the cops.

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Publishing update

Jun 04 2014 Published by under Publishing, Uncategorized

I'm currently shopping my manuscript at journal #4...  You know what they don't say, 4th time is the charm.

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Taking the sting out of rejection

May 11 2014 Published by under Publishing

First off, I don't want to hear any OA bullshit.  I know everyone has a bone for OA journals right now but the best thing for my career and my boss currently is to publish in glam  journals.  In a utopian society I'd tell CNS to go drink paint thinner and jump off a high tree limb with a bicycle chain around their necks connected to the tree while I publish in a OA journal.  Unfortunately this isn't utopia and the scientific community whether they like it or not still values glamour publications.

Too bad I got rejected by one.  I didn't get the automatic desk reject like showing up to the ballpark and finding the clubhouse doors locked.  More like I got thrown out of the game right as I planted my feet in the batter's box.  That said, we were aiming a bit high probably, but you never hit a home run unless you swing for the fences.

So now I'm relegated to the minor leagues but that's okay with me, maybe I can get a AAA publication.  But in the meantime I'm sitting on the couch, drinking some beers and watching baseball.  I've already spun the manuscript around and its submitted again, so let me have my rest dammit.

PS, if you don't get baseball analogies this whole post has been a complete loss for you.  Sorry I don't know cricket analogies.

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Suggestions please....reviewers

Mar 24 2014 Published by under Publishing

Our lab is starting to churn out some good papers and we hope to submit about 6 of them for publication by the end of the year.  I was just wondering what everyone's strategy is for suggesting reviewers?  Do you go with people who have seen your work at meetings who are favorable to it?  BSDs whose landmark papers you have reference and just hope that it will get reviewed quickly by them (read their postdoc)?

How do you folks do it and what are some good tips?

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The Great Journal Debate

Nov 08 2013 Published by under Publishing

We are currently debating what journal to send my impending research article off to.  Do you shoot for the moon and go for a glamour mag or do you shoot for the outer orbit of the moon (glamour's subjournals with good impact factors), places where they won't give you too much shit, or other journals (IF>12) that are interested in the physiology aspect of my work but could give two shits about DNA repair.

I have a shortlist of journals in mind with some safety journals that should for all intents and purposes bend over backward to take this article.  I'm waiting for all the data to turn up and then we'll make a final decision on where to send to first, but I'm eyeing one of the C/N subjournals.  Rejection from a model hurts just as bad as from the girl next door, why not try for it?

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What's Good -- August 4th -- Know your substrains

Aug 04 2013 Published by under Publishing

As someone who works with animal models, it is important to know your mouse strains and substrains and to make sure you are using them appropriately.  I've seen experiments ruined when you get substrain contamination that convolutes the genetics that you are studying.  A more devastating mistake is using a mouse on a mixed background when you thought it was pure or you get contamination from a completely different strain of mice.  Often, I have seen people accidentally breed in C57BL/6N into their C57BL/6J lines and vice versa.  The following paper in Genome Biology delves deeper into the differences between the two substrains.  Enjoy.

Shoot me a recommendation if you have found something fun or interesting to read.

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What's Good -- July 9th

Jul 09 2013 Published by under Publishing

I think I want to do a regular thing each week where I throw out a paper (preferrably open access) that I think is cool and if people want to read.  It probably won't even be in my field, just general interest.  If you folks can come up with other good papers for people to read, toss them in the comments.  So I ask you brothers and sisters, what's good?


This week I found on PLOS ONE, an article discussing the failure to link violent video game usage to diminished social behavior.  As a guy who plays video games, I hear about this all the time on the news and on CSPAN (I must be the only guy that watches this).  Well looks like this notion may be busted.  Take a look.

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BRCA1 activity enhances the window of fertility

Jun 09 2013 Published by under Publishing

Most people have only ever heard of BRCA1 or BRCA2 in connection with familial breast cancer or because of Angelina Jolie.  But what a recent study found is that the activity of BRCA1 or ATM, RAD51, and MRE11 DNA repair proteins all declined with the age of oocytes of female mice and adult women.  This evidence is further supported by observations that BRCA1-null mice have impaired fertility.

One would surmise that women with mutations in the BRCA1 gene would also have a shortened window of fertility.  Anyways I thought it was an interesting study that gave some mechanistic insight into why fertility decreases with age.

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