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Gauging Recruitment

May 15 2013 Published by under Recruitment

Since recruitment season is coming to a close for most of us (not our lazy asses) I wanted to see how everyone's efforts went with attracting new students to your programs.  Our results have been tepid at best but this doesn't reflect a lack of effort on our part.  In fact I would say we poured in a ton of efforts and brought in more students for interviews than we have ever.  Despite all this we are getting recruitment numbers that are in line with when we are lazy and didn't give two shits.  Some of the problem is the format of our recruitment and interviewing process but I think that is being discussed in-house and should change (hopefully) soon.

So folks, how did it go this year? Did you see the numbers you wanted to?  I know with the funding situation it's getting tight, but did you get as many as you wanted and what was your thoughts on the quality of the applicants?

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