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For Safety's Sake...

Jan 31 2012 Published by under Grad School, Lab, Safety

I'm sort of in a bit of a pickle here dear readers. I work with someone who while nice and a pleasant well-meaning coworker, they also have a less than stellar track record with respect to safety. They have committed no serious sins of safety but have numerous minor infractions and seemed to have to told repeatedly that they are not doing something the right way. Minor radiation contaminations throughout the lab, working with volatile chemicals outside the hood, and spinning unbalanced rotors (at not too high of speeds but high enough to make me really concern) seem to be the majority of their infractions.

I keep the lab manager apprised of what is happening and try to correct the person myself when ever I see them committing or about to commit an infraction. While no safety violation was a fireable offense, the culmination of these little offenses is starting to lead to a characterization of the person as sloppy and unsafe. I'm extremely concerned and pissed off with this individual after their latest gaffe that ended up affecting me (not seriously though luckily).

I'm sort of at my whit's end and don't really know what to do next. My PI is aware of most of the safety issues but I think they will always tend to push it underneath the rug.

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