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Social Activism and Sweet Tea

Aug 02 2012 Published by under Evil, Sweet Tea

Ok so here is my take of Chick Fil A.  Dan Cathy is allowed to spout off at the mouth about what he believes just like any of us.  He has the right to steer his dollars to whatever organization he wants.  But he does not have a right to my business.

When you start donating money to campaigns that are against my friends, then its over with.  You aren't getting my business any longer.  And this is painful to me because I like many other southerners am a fan of sweet tea.  And CFA had great sweet tea, especially since the only other sweet tea around where I live would make your damn left foot off from diabetes.  But I am a principled man and thus am now boycotting you.

So its going to suck not having their sweet tea but I stand up for my friends and against douchebags.  As Odyssey said, those of us that say nothing quietly condone what is happening and I'll be damn if I condone one bit of it.

Now if you'll excuse me I must go find another suitable purveyor of my beverage of choice.

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